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Punjabi Keyboard Added in iOS 9 Update

Punjabi Keyboard iOS Punjabi Keyboard iOS iOS 9 Update

Apple has finally launched its most awaited and requested feature Punjabi keyboard in the latest iOS 9 update. It was the most requested feature by Punjabi community. Punjabi is the 10th most widely spoken language all over the world.

Now users could type in Punjabi language in All iOS 9 supported devices Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Before this update iOS users have to install third-party apps to type in Punjabi language. The new Punjabi Keyboard is much secure Keyboard to use then the third-party installs. apple iOS Punjabi keyboard


In the iOS 9 there are two Punjabi keyboards options available for users, Punjabi (Standard) and Punjabi (Phonetic) keyboard. In phonetic you would need to combine single character to form the complete sound whereas in the Standard Punjabi Keyboard combination of words would be already be available.

Apple has also extended its language support for other Indian languages and launched new defaults keyboards for Gujarati, Hindi (Transliteration), Hinglish, and Telugu. Apple new Quick Type keyboard in latest update introduces an all-new Shortcut Bar, new way to select text using Multi-Touch gestures and convenient editing tools. iOS users now also have a choice to use wireless keyboard with Apple iPad which offers keyboard shortcuts and many more features.

 There are several benefits to this as now it would be really easy to add Punjabi keyboard to your iOS device,unlike before,if you want to add keyboard to your device you have to install some third party application ,Moreover this has given us more option for a stable and secure keyboard .

To add this Keyboard make sure you have iOS 9 update installed on your device ,now

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard , then from the list of available keyboards you should see Punjabi (Phonetic) and Punjabi (Standard) keyboards,select and click done.

This is really a nice effort and good news for the Punjabi Community,

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