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Navjot Singh Sidhu Dialogues & Quotes



Sidhu Famous Cricket Quote


1) "I lean on statistics like a dunken man leans on a lamppost only for support,not illumination."

Punjabi Translate

(Mein Aankde te us tarah aitbaar karda haan ,Jis tarah koi sharaabi lamppost parkash layi nahi Sago Sahare Layi karda hai)

                         Sidhu Cricket Quote 1



2)  "My Idea of a Bird is  36-24-36"


















                        Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (2)


3) "Troubles are like babies the more you nurse them the more they grow"

Punjabi Translate:

(Musibat bacheya di tarah hai ,Jinn der  tussi Kol rakh sambhoge Uhni hi Vaddi ho jaayegi )

                       Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (3)


4) The Greatest Thrill for a Woman to see a woman fatter than her.

Punjabi Translate:

Sabto zyada khushi ik aurat nu apne to moti aurat nu dekh k hundi hai  i


                       Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (4)


5)  "All that comes from a cow is not milk. "

Punjabi Translate:

Har Cheez Jo Gau to mildi hai oh Dudh nahi hundi .


                       Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (5)


6) "If my aunty had a moustache then she would be my Uncle"

Needing 14 off 2 balls, an optimistic Rameez Raja hoped Ishant would ball a no ball to help Pakistan and Sidhu went in a flash -


"Je Meri Chachi diya Muccha Hundiya ta Mein usnu Chacha kehnda "


                        Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (6)



7) A Girl born beautiful is half married

Punjabi Translate:

          Sohni Kudi nu viyah layi mundeya di kami nahi hundi,adha kamm suhappan hi kar dinde ..bas usnu kise munde nu haan kehni hundi.

                       Sidhu Cricket Quote 7


8) "Women are worse than wine .They intoxicate both the holder and the beholder"

Punjabi Translate:

          Aurat Shraab naalo v zyada haankikark hai,Oh Dharak te dekhan vale ,dona nu Nashayi kar dindiye 


                        Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (8)


9) "He Swung Ball like a banana"

Punjabi Translate:

          Usne gend nu kele vaangu Swing karaya 

                        Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (9)



 10) "If you are trying to beat india in their home then you are trying to get milk out of an oax"

Punjabi Translate:

          Je tussi India nu usde desh haraan di gal kar rahe ho ta isda matlab tussi  Bald cho dudh nikalan di koshish kar rahe ho.

                        Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (10) 


11) "Ganguly moves so slowly on the field like Jack n Jill who goes to fetch pail of runs for the oppositions".

Punjabi Translate:

          Ganguly ehni  susat field kar reha hai jiwen Jack n Jill da jack baalti runs di  Virodhi dhir nu de reha hove .

                          Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (11)


12) "His slower ball was so slow that my mamma can run faster than that"

Punjabi Translate:

          Usdi slow ball ehni slow si k meri maa v isto tez bhajj sakdi hai .

                          Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (12)


13) "Deep Dasgupta is as confused as a child is in a topless bar "


Punjabi Translate:

          Deep Dasgupta uhni hi Uljhan vich hai Jinna ik bacha Topless Bar ch Hunde .

                          Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (13)


14) "The Ball slipped from his hands like butter from hot parantha

Punjabi Translate:

          Gend Usde hathan cho aiwen tilak gayi jiwen Garam Pranthe toh Makhan .

                           Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (14)


15) "Ganguly has thrown a drowning man both ends on the rope"

Punjabi Translate:

          Ganguly ne rassi de dono paase dubde aadmi satt ditte han .

                            Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (15)


16) "Indian team without Sachin is like giving a Kiss without a Squeeze"

Punjabi Translate:

          Indian team Sachin to bina aiwen jiwen kise nu galwakdi bina chumban .

                            Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (16)


17) "He looks as uncomfortable as a bum on a porcupine"

Punjabi Translate:

          Oh ehna beAaram lag reha jiwen Seh da pichwada .

                             Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (17)


18)"The Gap between bat and pad is so much that i would have driven a car through"

Punjabi Translate:

          Bat te Pad vich ehna faasla si k mein us vicho car chala k le jaanda .


                               Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (18)


19) "Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald."

Punjabi Translate:

          Anubhav ik kanghi di tarah hai ,zindagi tuhanu udo dindi hai jad tussi ganje ho jaande ho.


                               Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (19)



 20) "The third Umpire should be changed as oftern as nappies and for the same reason"

Punjabi Translate:

          Cricket vich teesre Umpire nu uhni jaldi hi badal dena chahida hai jinni jaldi bacheya de langot badle jaande.

                               Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (20)


21) "Eddie Nicholas is a man who cannot find his own buttocks with his own hands"

Punjabi Translate:

          Eddie Nicholas aisa aadmi hai jo dona hatha naal apna pichwada nahi labh sakda .

                              Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (21)


22)" A hair on head is worth two in the brush ."

Punjabi Translate:

          Ser te Ik vaal Brush te do valaan naalo changa hai .

                               Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (22)


23) "Statistics are like miniskirts they reveal more than what they hide."

Punjabi Translate:

          Aankde  choti skitt di tarah hunde ne,jo chupande ghat te dikhande zyaada ne.

                             Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (23)


24)"The way Indian wickets are falling reminds of the cycle stand at Rajendra Talkies in Patiala one falls and everything else falls."

Punjabi Translate:

          Jis Tarah Indian Team diya wickets digg rahiya ne ,uh meinu Patiala de Rajendra Talkies di yaad dilanda hai ,

jithe Ik cycle diggan te saare digg Jaande si .

                             Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (24)


25) "India look like a crippled cobra whose fangs are clipped."

Punjabi Translate:

         Indian team us apahij Cobra vaangu lag rahi hai jisde dand kadd ditte hunde ne .

                             Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (25)


26) "There is light at the end of the tunnel for India,but its that of an ocoming train which will run them over."

Punjabi Translate:

         Udhar gufa de dusre taraf India layi roshni hai ,par eh us gaddi di hai jo uhna de uparo guzar jaayegi.


                             Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (26)


27) "The Indians are going to beat the Kiwis!Let me tell you ,my friend that the Kiwi is the only bird in the whole world which does not have wings!"

Punjabi Translate:

         Bhartiya Team Kiwis (Newzealand) nu haraan vali hai ,mein tenu dasda mere dost ,ki Kiwi hi ik aisa panchi hai poori duniya vich jisde khamb nahi hunde .

                              Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (27)

28) "He is like Indian three-wheeler which will suck a lot of diesel bit cannot go beyond 30!"

Punjabi Translate:

         Uh India de three wheeler di tarah hai jo bahut diesel peenda hai par 30 toh upar nahi jaanda.

                              Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (28)


29) "That ball went so high it could have got an air hostess down with it !"

Punjabi Translate:

         Uh gend ehni upar gayi k oh apne naal air hostess nu v thalle le aandi.

                              Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (29)



30) "Wickets are like wives - you never know which way they will turn ."

Punjabi Translate:

         Wickets vahuti di tarah hundiya ne - tuhanu kadi pata nahi lagda oh kehde paase jaangiya .

                              Sidhu Cricket Quote 1 (30)

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