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Punjabi Wedding Dresses

Punjabi Wedding Dresses (2)

In a Punjabi Indian wedding, the wedding atmosphere sets in a week before the wedding. Shagun is the first ceremony which marks the commence of activities, where the two families exchange gifts to conform the engagement. An important ritual connected with the bride is the bangles ceremony, where the maternal uncle and aunt of the bride put white and red bangles on the bride's wrists. Light ornaments of beaten silver and gold called kalira are tied to the bangles.

The Sikh bride dresses up extravagantly for the wedding and its all the ceremonies related to marriage. Since the act of marriage is seen as a spiritual journey to connect with God, the bride is supposed to look her best, including wearing makeup and extensive jewelry.

Punjabis are known for their whole-hearted nature and thus the weddings are celebrated with splendor and grandeur. Fun and frolic is the environment you’d experience at a Punjabi wedding, it’s cheerful and lively, basically full of colors and music.

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