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Places of Interest

Places of Interest (3)

When you are in Punjab,Feel the Essence and Culture of Punjab .There are Must do things when you are in Punjab .When you are in Punjab ditch the conventional places and take a walk through a pind, skip the fancy restaurant food and have saag and makki di roti at a dhaba , forget your car for a while and take a ride on a tractor instead.


Famous Malls in Chandigarh

Mall of Chandigarh offers real fun experience along with excellent shopping opportunities. There are plethora of malls and shopping areas in the city that have range of outlets,dining options and entertainment areas. Sector 17 of the city is the most famous area for such activity where you will find everything you need for enjoyment from cinemas,food courts, bar and lounges,shopping places and so on . Here is the list of most famous malls and shopping area of Chandigarh City.

Being the most Traditional Heritage State of India,there are numerous advanced shopping malls in Punjab. From regular items to the most fashionable clothes and accessories are available in shopping malls in punjab . Shopping Malls in Punjab started attracting youngsters as well as adult shoppers with their versatility .

Shopping clothes ,jewelries ,shoes crockery,furniture along with entertainment like movies in multiplexes and delicious food at various food courts and eateries are definetly the reason why malls are always flocked with people of all age groups.

Some of the eminent shopping complexes in Punjab are :

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